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Constellation EDITION - Protection

Body protection without defects

Effective, top-end products, in an exclusive box, so that your car shines brighter than any other!

CONSTELLATION Edition PROTECTION includes everything you need to clean, care and protect the paint of your vehicle.

Especially suitable for new, recent cars, newly painted or flawless vehicles.

CONSTELLATION Edition is the ideal solution for car-owners who want to give their vehicle comprehensive care. The entire SAXER Products range and all the related accessories are brought to you in a fine leather case.

SAXER's emblem is the Bull and, consequently, every product in the range is matched up with a star on the Taurus constellation. The Constellation itself has been etched into the inside the box set's cover. This means that your car will be able to shine as brightly as Aldebaran, the most brightly-gleaming star in the Taurus constellation. 

A top-end product line for your car:

We have designed a range of top-end products for your car, which guarantee you stunning results. While our products are quick and easy to use, the outcome is uncompromisingly flawless.

A complete range of car maintenance products:

The CONSTELLATION Edition contains a select article from every segment of our product range. This means you will be able to keep every surface on your vehicle looking perfect, whether inside or out.

A sweet and simple product line for your car upkeep needs:

Every product in our range has been designed to help you keep your car looking good, without the complications. As a result, whether you are a discerning car-owner or a detailing aficionado, having a flawless car is no longer a task.

A quick-and easy product line for your car upkeep needs:

When we developed our SAXER Products, we took care to make them not only highly-effective, but also quick and easy to use. Consequently, the CONSTELLATION Edition is made up of products ideally suited to ALL car-owners, even those who have only a limited amount of time to dedicate to car upkeep. Our Range helps you save time as you give your car's appearance the care it needs.

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