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WHEELS Cleaner
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Wheels Cleaner

A flawless car, right down to the wheel-rims!

A flawless car, right down to the wheel-rims!

WHEELS Cleaner is the ideal cleaning product for quick and easy wheel-rim care.

High-efficiency wheel-rim cleaner:

WHEELS Cleaner guarantees you ultra-effective wheel-rim cleaning. To inform the user of the progress underway, WHEELS Cleaner changes colour 1 to 3 minutes after being sprayed.


PH-neutral rim cleaner:

Thanks to its PH-neutral formula, WHEELS Cleaner can be used without risk on any type of rim. This means that you can use WHEELS Cleaner to clean your aluminium rims, painted rims, varnished rims, spoke rims, etc.


Tips for using WHEELS Cleaner:

  •       Use on cooled rims.
  •       Spray product generously.
  •       Use our WHEEL Brush Small or WHEEL Brush XL for even better results.
  •       For a regular wash or for detailing care, use WHEEL Sponge.
  •       After the wash, clean the final traces with FAST Maintenance to dry.
  •       Protect the rims regularly using ACTIV’Wax.

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