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ACTIV'WAX Protection

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ACTIV'WAX Protection

A brilliantly-innovative product to protect your car in a snap!


A brilliantly-innovative product to protect your car in a snap!


ACTIV’WAX offers liquid wax protection for your car's body. Thanks to its active formula, ACTIV’WAX is extremely quick and easy to apply.

ACTIV’WAX is the ideal solution for car-owners looking for effective and lasting protection for their car in the shortest possible time.


Car shining wax:

ACTIV’WAX Protection is composed of active molecules that make your car's paint gleam and regain the dazzling shine and arresting depth of colour it had at the very start.


Quick shining wax:

ACTIV’WAX Protection is an ultra-easy, ultra-quick to apply wax. Just spray the product onto the body of the car and wipe with ACTIV’Micro.


Car protection wax:

ACTIV’WAX Protection is a wax that helps you effectively protect your car's body from outside aggressive agents (acid rain, animal droppings, salt, resin, etc.). ACTIV’WAX Protection applies long-lasting protection to your vehicle that can be renewed very quickly.


All-surface protection was:

ACTIV’WAX was developed to be applicable, risk-free and without streaks, to all outer surfaces of your vehicle. ACTIV’WAX can be used on your car's varnish, wet-look paint, nitro-cellulose lacquer, chrome wheels, and rims, etc. ACTIV’WAX can also be used to apply water-repellent treatment to car windows. What’s more, the product leaves no white streaks on plastic and rubber surfaces.


Tips for using ACTIV’WAX Protection:

  •       For even better results, decontaminate surfaces first using FAST Maintenance and the Gum Mitt
  •       Do not use in bright sunlight or on overly-heated bodyworks.
  •       Use in combination with ACTIV’Micro.


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