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POLISH Aldebaran's Dust
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POLISH Aldebaran's Dust

Your car will shine as brightly as a star!

Your car will shine as brightly as a star!

With the help of the most advanced technologies and best scientists, we have isolated crystals from Aldebaran, the most brightly-shining star in the Taurus constellation. We added the crystals to our POLISH Aldebaran’s Dust so that your care can shine just as brightly as the star!

More seriously speaking, POLISH Aldebaran’s Dust is a glossy finish polish that enables flawless results on delicate paints that have become blemished with light micro-scratches.

Shiny-finish car polish:

The oils found in POLISH Aldebaran’s Dust will help you gloss up your car's paint. You will come out with a shimmering surface that has also been freed of any surface flaws.


Glossy car finish:

POLISH Aldebaran’s Dust will enable you to perfect your car's finish after using CORRECTIVE Meteorite Polish on all delicate paints.


Tips for using POLISH Aldebaran’s Dust:

  •       Apply only to clean, dusted car body.
  •       Do not use on paint that is still hot or was just exposed to the sun.
  •       For even better results, use in combination with our Multi-Hand Pad.
  •       If necessary, clay surfaces first using FAST Maintenance and the clay glove.
  •       On very micro-scraped or oxidised paint, use CORRECTIVE Meteorite Polish first.
  •       Then, protect surfaces with ACTIV’WAX Protection.

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