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 Washing your car becomes a snap with SHAMPOO Car Wash!

Washing your car becomes a snap with SHAMPOO Car Wash!

SHAMPOO Car Wash is the ideal pick for discerning motorists with limited time to spend on vehicle upkeep.

With SHAMPOO Car Wash, maximise the time dedicated to washing your car! Upon each wash, you will achieve stunning results, in a fraction of the usual time!


SHAMPOO CAR WASH offers everything you would expect from an ideal car shampoo!

Effective, no-risk shampoo

With SHAMPOO Car Wash, washing your vehicle becomes a breezy, risk-free process. Thanks to the strong lubricant it contains, it engulfs dirt and keeps the risk of micro-scratches to a minimum. What's more, SHAMPOO Car Wash is healthy match for ACTIV’WAX protection, extending its effectiveness.


Glossy-effect shampoo

All car-owners want to quickly achieve that perfect glow when washing their car.  SHAMPOO Car Wash is the first step along the way. The complex compounds in its formula enable a dazzling shine in just one wash.


Shine-enhancing protective shampoo:

SHAMPOO Car Wash is the first step in car bodycare, with the SAXER PRODUCTS range. This car shampoo has a shine-enhancing and protective effect on the car body. With each wash, shining agents provide effective protection for your vehicle in a snap, leaving behind a water-repellent effect. By using SHAMPOO Car Wash regularly, you can substantially extend the effectiveness of ACTIV’WAX protection.


Streak-free car shampoo:

The shampoo's innovative formula makes it possible to wash your car without leaving any streaks behind. Even if SHAMPOO Car Wash dries during the washing process, there is no reason to panic! Just rinse whatever parts affected with plain water. 


Tips for using SHAMPOO CAR WASH:

  •       Wash your car in the shade.
  •       Pour 4 to 5 capfuls into a 10L bucket of water.
  •       Use two buckets: one containing a combination of water and shampoo and the other containing plain water, to rinse your glove. See our guide.
  • Use the Shampoo Glove and Micro-Absorption for even better results.
  •       If insects or tar stains have become caked onto the car surface, use our INSECT & TAR Remover before washing.
  •       Protect the surfaces with ACTIV’WAX
  •       For a quick touch-up, use Fast MAINTENANCE.



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