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GLASS High Transparency
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GLASS High Transparency

And your car windows become invisible (anew)!

And your car windows become invisible (anew)!

Often times, cleaning your vehicle's windows is a long and tedious process, at least if you want them to be truly spotless.


GLASS High Transparency is a cleaning product that enables flawless results in the blink of an eye!


A car window cleaner that it quick and streak-free:

GLASS High Transparency helps you save time as you give your car windows the care they need. The active formula takes you from smudged, dirty windows to streak-free transparency in just minutes.


Self-degreasing window cleaner

Thanks to its powerful cleaning agents, GLASS High Transparency helps you take out traces of nicotine or other greasy films.


Risk-free cleaner for all car windows:

GLASS High Transparency can be used risk-free on all types of windows. It can also be used on recent or vintage car windows, both interior and exterior.


Tips for using GLASS High Transparency:

  •       Do not use in direct sunlight.
  •       Use in combination with two Transparency Micro units (one for cleaning, the other for the finish).
  •       To get rid of insects caked on to your bumper, use INSECT & Tar Remover first.

For long-lasting and water-repellent protection, use ACTIV’WAX on window exterior. 

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