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INTERIOR Fast Cleaner
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INTERIOR Fast Cleaner

Your car will be spotless, right down to the cockpit!

Your car will be spotless, right down to the cockpit!


INTERIOR Fast Cleaner is an interior cleaner that makes it possible to care for all vehicle cabin surfaces quickly. INTERIOR Fast Cleaner does not leave streaks and is not greasy.


All-surface auto interior cleaner:

With INTERIOR Fast Cleaner, all your vehicle's cabin surfaces will be clean in a flash. It is ideal for cleaning streaks of fingers, dust, ashes, traces of grease, etc.  It can be applied to plastics, wood or aluminium carbon inserts, lacquered surfaces, etc.

Vehicle cabin care product:

In addition to its cleaning power, INTERIOR Fast Cleaner provides care for all surfaces to which it is applied.


Tips for using INTERIOR Fast Cleaner:

  •       Vacuum the vehicle cabin before cleaning.
  •       Use INTERIOR Fast Cleaner before cleaning windows with GLASS High Transparency.
  •       Use in combination with Multi-Micro microfibre.

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