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INSECT & TAR Remover
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INSECT & TAR Remover

Insects and tar no longer mean trouble for your car!

Insects and tar no longer mean trouble for your car!


Often, insects and tar become caked on your vehicle's bodywork and are difficult to get rid of, forcing you to scrub the body, even though this can lead to micro-scratches.


INSECT & TAR Remover is a cleaning product designed to take on insect and tar stains on your car.

Basic insect and tar cleaner:

Using INSECT & TAR Remover is child's play. Just clean your car with plain water and spray with the product before cleaning.

All-surface insect and tar cleaner:

The active formula found in INSECT & TAR Remover makes it suited to all exterior vehicle surfaces. You will be able to use it risk-free on a painted or varnished body, on the headlights, plastics, windshield, etc.


Tips for using INSECT & TAR Remover:

  •       Rinse your vehicle before using the product.
  •       Do not use on paint that is still hot or in direct sunlight.
  •       Use the product before washing your car with CAR WASH Shampoo.
  •       After use and washing your car, protect the surfaces (again, if necessary), using ACTIV’WAX.

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