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FAST Maintenance
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FAST Maintenance

With FAST Maintenance, your car will never be anything but flawless.

With FAST Maintenance, your car will never be anything but flawless.


FAST Maintenance is the product you need to care for your car, using the SAXER Product line.


FAST Maintenance is intended for use in two areas:


Dusting / Quick-cleaning / Quick-detailing

FAST Maintenance is a “quick detailer” that makes it possible to achieve a flawless car surface in just minutes and, above all, without risk, for instance between washes. FAST Maintenance will be an excellent companion for your exhibitions, rally races or shows, when you want your car to be dust-free in a snap. FAST Maintenance is also the ideal product to have on hand when you need to get rid of bird droppings, resin spots or other aggressive agents that can harm your paint. Thanks to its specially-designed formula, FAST Maintenance leaves a protective film and increases the lifespan of ACTIV’WAX protection.


Thanks to its intense lubricating power, FAST Maintenance is the must-have product for those who want a contamination-free car body. FAST Maintenance then turns into a surface lubricant to be applied before the GUM Mitt.


Tips for using FAST Maintenance:

  •       Do not apply to overly dirty vehicle surfaces (micro-scratches could result).
  •       Adjust the amount of product used in accordance with the car's state.
  •       Use in combination with one or more FAST Micro.


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